how it started

We thought there must be a better future than the only nice oat drink available being imported from Europe packaged in Tetrapaks, heated to ultra-high temperatures. 

So we started Oato to provide a fresh oat drink that was made with UK ingredients and delivered in glass. A British zero-waste dairy alternative. 

With a strong network of milk rounds in the UK we saw the opportunity to support existing delivery businesses to diversify whilst providing a sustainable and plastic free product.  

Oato was founded by Carl Hopwood, with a background in chemistry and business, and strong interest in a more sustainable future.  We don’t have a history in the dairy industry and do not have any large investors with questionable portfolios or motives.  We’re a small, UK business and proud of it.

Oato has grown from it’s humble beginnings in the North West to now supplying across the UK.  

oato manifesto part I

To minimise single use plastics and environmental impact in producing and delivering a range of quality oat based dairy substitutes.

oato manifesto part ii

To source our ingredients from within the UK wherever possible to support British farming, industry and business to move to a plant-based future.

we deliver, sustainably


Tetrapaks are not widely ‘recycled’ meaning many end up in landfill. The pack is also made up of 20% polyethylene and 5% aluminium which do not biodegrade. Even when they are ‘recycled’ they are not actually recycled into new Tetrapaks but are down-cycled into other products that usually cannot be recycled themselves.

All our Oato glass bottles are cleaned and refilled therefore reducing unnecessary waste.


We’re not adding hundreds of new vehicles to the roads.  You’re able to get Oato directly from existing milk rounds meaning we’re using less resources and supporting existing businesses to move to plant-based products.