about us?

Our Mission

We prioritise a low carbon footprint while producing and delivering a range of quality oat based dairy substitutes.

We source our ingredients as locally as possible; we bottle Oato in re-usable glass and we deliver it via already established milk rounds. 


How we deliver; sustainably

Tetrapak free

Tetrapaks are not widely ‘recycled’ meaning many end up in landfill.  The pack is also made up of 20% polyethylene and 5% aluminium which do not biodegrade.  Even when they are ‘recycled’ they are not actually recycled into new Tetrapaks but are down-cycled into other products that usually cannot be recycled themselves.

All our Oato glass bottles are cleaned and refilled therefore reducing unnecessary waste.

Let us know how we're doing?

We’re open to feedback on how we can make our Oato products better for you and the environment.  Please drop us some feedback, good or bad, as we’d be delighted to hear from you.