As our company and product are relatively new we’re sure you’ve got lots of questions.  

We’re hopeful we can answer them here through our FAQs. Please take a look.

If the FAQs don’t cover a question you have then please feel free to reach out to us on our contact page and we’ll do our best to get back to you.


Sure is.  We specifically crafted Oato so that it would make amazing foam/froth for latte, cappuccino or other hot drinks.  Use Oato in a coffee machine or with a barista wand and we’re confident you’ll be blown away.

Oato is mostly available through milk rounds as it fits our philosophy of supporting local businesses and they already operate a glass return scheme. Click through to our Where to buy page to find a local milk round.

If you find Oato a little too creamy and would like a semi-skimmed version then we’d recommend adding a small amount of water to Oato as this is all we’d do if we created a semi-skimmed version.

Oato is a fresh product and needs to be kept in a cold fridge, so once it’s arrived on your doorstep pop it straight in the fridge. 

The use by date of each bottle is stamped on the foil cap. We recommend using within 3 days of opening and Oato should be delivered to your doorstep with a minimum of 3 days life.   

It’s possible to freeze Oato but we’d not recommend doing it in the glass bottle.

We do not use gluten free oats and therefore it cannot be guaranteed to be gluten free.  Gluten is found in oats due to contamination with other grains such as wheat, barley, rye, etc. during production, harvest and processing. The oats we source cannot be certified as gluten free and therefore may contain very small amounts of these grains. 

No. The sweetness is created during our production process.  When we create our oat drink the oat starch is broken down into shorter chain sugars using natural enzymes. This same process happens in our bodies when we eat oats, which means we’re ingesting the same amount of sugar whether consuming raw oats, oatmeal or our oat drink.

Rapeseed oil helps Oato be amazing in coffee and gives it that delicious creamy taste.  The rapeseed oil we source is from the UK and other oils (sunflower, grape, etc) are not grown in abundance here.  We’re happy that Oato supports British farmers.

Oato is now fortified with the additional vitamins – Calcium, B12, B2, D3 (vegan sourced) and Iodine.

YES. We need our bottles back, not only as it’s environmentally friendly but also because we refill them and the glass is only affordable if it’s reused at least 20 times.  Please put any empty bottles back out on the doorstep and the milk round will collect to be refilled – it’s that simple.

Most certainly.   We’re looking into an organic & gluten free version of Oato as well as other products with an oat base. 

We source our water, oats, rapeseed oil and salt from the UK.  The UK produces these ingredients in abundance and therefore why should we source these from anywhere else? 

We work with Refood that turn all our waste oat bran into bio methane which feeds directly into the national grid to power homes and businesses in the north west.

We’re mainly a self-funded company, growing organically.  However, we have a few minor shareholders that were friends who wanted to help us get started.  We don’t have any institutional investors backing us.