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Oato milk

Oato Milk is a creamy ‘non-dairy’ alternative to milk, which is lactose, nut, sugar and soy free.  It goes great with cereal, tea, coffee, cooking or just by itself.

It’s made by soaking rolled oats with warm water and enzymes and then filtering them to separate the creamy delicious oat milk from the oats.

Oato Milk is naturally sweetened through enzymes that are used to break down the starch into shorter sugars so we don’t add anything to sweeten it.

We don’t use any animal products: Oato Milk is suitable for vegan diets.

Oats are naturally gluten-free, our factories process other grains so our Oato Milk may contain traces of gluten.


We’re now delivering throughout the north west, please sign up below and we’ll connect you with a local milk round so you can request an order. 

Our RRP is £1.10p per pint.

Ingredients & Nutritional information



water, oats, rapeseed oil, calcium carbonate, dipotassium phosphate (acidity regulator) and salt.

Our oats contain gluten due to the way that they are processed and our bottling facility also processes milk products.


Nutrition information per 100 ml:
Energy 247 kJ/59 kcal,
Fat 3.0g of which saturated 0.3g,
Carbohydrates 6.5g of which sugars 4.0g,
Fibre 0.9g,
Protein 1.0g,
Salt 0.10g
Calcium 120mg (15% recommended daily intake)

* Oato Milk is fortified with calcium and we’ll soon be adding other vitamins.

what is oato milk?


Because we produce locally and use existing infrastructure, Oato Milk is cheaper for you 🙂

It’s RRP is just £1.10 per pint, delivered to your door in a glass bottle.

low impact

Oato Milk contains UK sourced oats where possible and is delivered in glass using an existing network of milk(wo)men.

We minimise single-use plastics throughout our production process, making sure our environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

supporting local

We’re based in Cumbria and produce our Oato products right here.

We prioritise local ingredients and deliver through local companies.

Oato Latte

Coming soon!

Cold brewed Oat Latte that’ll be available as a quick grab-and-go in your local shop, deli or supermarket.

Oato Ice-Cream

Coming soon!

A vegan luxury that shouldn’t cost your wallet or the earth.  Delicious oat milk only ice-cream.